Out Of warranty mobile phones repairs
Liquid or Water Damage repairs
While You Wait phone repairs
Reworking on Motherboards
Crack Screen Replacements
All Repairs done onsite
Speaker and Microphone faults
Apple iPhone Repairs

We are a Phone repair shop in the FT Lauderdale area that specialize in out of warranty repair of iPhone’s. Whether it’s to repair screen on your iPhone or replacing an your iPhone speaker, we can fix it.

Samsung Galaxy Repairs

We can fix most Samsung mobile phone problems. We offer an efficient Samsung Phone repairs that can have your galaxy S series, Note, or any other samsung models looking like new.

LG Repairs Nokia Repairs HTC Repairs

Cure Devices is a repair center that do repairs on most mobile phone from Nokia, HTC, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson and many many more.

Phone Repair Services

Electronic parts and components

Display Fault

LCD, LCD Connector, LCD Supply Components, LCD Signal Interface Filter IC, CPU, LCD Signal Interface Resistance etc.

Charging Fault

Charger (5-6V), Battery (3.7V), Charger Connector, Charger Volt Fuse, Coil, Charging IC, Power IC, Charging Regulator

SIM Fault

SIM Card, SIM Socket, SIM Signal and Supply Interface Components, Resistance, Coil, Power IC, CPU etc.